Little Black Desk Academy

Lead with Excellence in Small Business

Little Black Desk Academy

An intimate support network for established small businesses.
Women who desire a simpler approach to social media and value real connections.

We are able to make better decisions and better lead those we serve because of deeper conversations.

  • Private groups dedicated to leadership for communities, rookie teams, and veteran teams.
  • Access to exclusive conversations, resources, and templates.
  • Raise the visibility of your brand by sharing your experiences and knowledge.
  • Shorten learning curves by asking questions and sharing best practices.
  • Curated feeds and limited notifications so you can pay attention to what matters most to you.

If you are looking for a membership community with lots of members, a continuous feed, and immediate responses you won't find it here. The members of Little Black Desk Academy check-in 1-2x/week and the rest of the time they are working in their business.  

We are here to be a resource and support system for you. Not something else to manage. 

If you have questions or need help with your membership, I'm a quick DM away. 


 We are LEADERS and don't hesitate to start the conversation, send an invite, or make the first move! 

We are CONTRIBUTORS because sharing experiences, resources, and wisdom empowers those around us! 

We are BUILDERS who find joy in our work, the process of learning, overcoming challenges, and taking risks.    

Together through deeper conversations, vetted resources, and live interaction we can raise the standards of small business. Standards that allow us to lead by example in our industries on how to serve our clients, teams, and business partners well. 

Together we strengthen our communities and create a positive lasting impact!



To cultivate and sustain a community of leaders in the Little Black Desk Academy, all applicants agree to meet the criteria below in order to join the Academy.

  1. You must be an established business owner, entrepreneur, founder, or CEO operating a business full-time for the past 3 years. You are not a freelancer or a direct sales consultant.
  2. You are willing to share your experiences, knowledge, and resources with candor and respect. Each member is expected to contribute to the Academy.
  3. You acknowledge leadership is more than a title. You look for opportunities to serve your peers, clients, and team. You are willing to be the first one in whatever capacity. You lead by example.


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  • Elevate your leadership and profile by sharing your experiences and knowledge.
  • Connect by location for a coffee date or local event and build a stronger connection offline.
  • Connect by profession to share best practices and tips to strengthen your industry.
  • Maintain productivity by following only the business topics which interest you.
  • Working on a project and need feedback or a tool, post a question or create a poll.
  • Showoff your personality with the use of GIF's and by branding your profile.

"Most recently I enjoyed the live chat on blogging where I was introduced to the idea of audio blogs and what great yet simple content they can be. I was able to create and upload an audio blog that week. I've since recorded coaching calls using Google voice for audio blogs. Far less intimidating than a podcast and had I not attended the live chat that day it would have taken me way too long to find this out! " - Stephanie W.


We are a community committed to building relationships. You are required to complete your bio and include a headshot within 24 hours to retain access. 

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Little Black Desk Academy App - Mobile - Profile - Jennifer Mather (1)

"The conversations that we have are thoughtful, and push us to have deeper conversations about the heart of what it takes to run a small business."  - Karina Mora-Metts

Plus access to exclusive content created by our business partners!

Additional Questions? Visit the Academy FAQ


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