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The Academy is for women who are established entrepreneurs of service-based businesses seeking deeper conversations. We want to connect with women who are fueled by purpose and love the entrepreneurial journey!

Women like you who love the work, the process of learning, overcoming challenges, taking risks, and the joy of serving their clients, team, and vendors well.

Women who are LEADERS and do not wait for someone else to start the conversation, send an invite, or make the first move!

Women who are CONTRIBUTORS to the growth of her industry because shared wisdom makes everyone better!

Women like you who are not only learners but CONSISTENT IMPLEMENTORS and ACHIEVERS!


Together we share stories and experiences about the pillars of business to help each other strengthen our business foundation and more. Conversations are center around these pillars (12+) and include accounting, business development, marketing, sales, and more.



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  • Elevate your leadership and profile by sharing your experiences and knowledge.
  • Connect by location for a coffee date or local event and build a stronger connection offline.
  • Connect by profession to share best practices and tips to strengthen your industry.
  • Maintain productivity by following only the business topics which interest you.
  • Working on a project and need feedback or a tool, post a question or create a poll.
  • Showoff your personality with the use of GIF's and by branding your profile.

"Most recently I enjoyed the live chat on blogging where I was introduced to the idea of audio blogs and what great yet simple content they can be. I was able to create and upload an audio blog that week. I've since recorded coaching calls using Google voice for audio blogs. Far less intimidating than a podcast and had I not attended the live chat that day it would have taken me way too long to find this out! " - Stephanie W.


We are a community committed to building relationships. You are required to complete your bio and include a headshot within 24 hours to retain access. 

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"The conversations that we have are thoughtful, and push us to have deeper conversations about the heart of what it takes to run a small business."  - Karina Mora-Metts

Plus access to exclusive content created by our business partners!

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